2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Preview

2017 Chevrolet Bolt
EVs Move Into 2017


General Motors unveiled plans for an all-electric vehicle last year and now those plans have come to fruition! The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt is almost here and preproduction is currently underway. Available later this year, the all-electric car will boast incredible range and an affordable price.

While the all-electric competition tends to putter out around sub-150 miles on a single charge, the Bolt makes it much further. With more than an estimated 200 miles of range on a single charge, the Bolt EV bolsters what was once a lackluster segment.

On top of a 200-mile range, the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt will also boast a starting price around $30,000 after a $7,500 federal tax credit. Combine that with saving money as you drive by the gas station and the Bolt will be one of the most affordable cars on the road. Best of all, the Bolt is officially hitting production lines in Michigan!

“We’re at another critical and important point in the development of the Bolt EV,” said Josh Tavel, Bolt EV Chief Engineer. “We’ve moved from working in math and building cars by hand to building Bolt EV’s on the line. We’re now testing the tooling used in the plant so that we deliver the high quality 200-plus mile EV that our customers are eagerly anticipating.”

We here at Bush Auto Place in Wilmington, OH can’t wait for the imminent arrival of the all-new Chevrolet Bolt!

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