Beautiful Fall Road Trips in Ohio

fall road trips in Ohio


As the leaves change into glorious shades of red, orange, and yellow, there is a beautiful palette of colors to absorb everywhere you look. This makes it the perfect time to go for a drive and see the great state of Ohio. Here are four fall road trips in Ohio you should take.

  • Restaurant Road Trip: While you are taking in the beautiful scenery, you might as well enjoy some delicious food. With this three-day restaurant trip, you can travel across the state and eat some of the best food available.
  • Abandoned Places Road Trip: October is the perfect time of year to experience some mildly creepy places. This road trip takes you past deserted amusement parks, old factories, and more.
  • Small Towns Road Trip: Ohio is full of small towns and each of them offers its own unique look and feel. This trip will drive you through some of the best.
  • Haunted Ohio Road Trip: For a truly frightening experience, visit some of the creepiest locations in Ohio, including The Buxton Inn, the Ohio State Reformatory, and more.

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