Best Restaurants in Xenia, Ohio

Restaurants in Xenia, Ohio

Xenia, Ohio may be known for being a magnet to tornado activity, but it also seems to have a magnetic pull toward excellent dining. If you’re looking for a tasty bite to eat in the area, check out one of these restaurants in Xenia, Ohio.


Tudor’s Biscuit World

This local drive-thru favorite is a great place to stop for breakfast or any time of day. After all, biscuits are good 24/7, right? The menu here features a long list of savory breakfast sandwiches, as well as things like pancakes and biscuits and gravy.


Nick’s Restaurant

When dinner time rolls around, a visit to Nick’s is in order. This is classic, Midwest American dining at its best, serving things like fried veggies, wings, the “Big Nick” burger, and homemade cookies.


Acapulco Mexican Restaurant

What’s a restaurant list with no choice to satiate a craving for tacos and margaritas? At Acapulco, there are plenty of these and more. The salsa is fresh and plentiful, and everything from the chicken chimichangas to the guacamole is top-notch. Plus, with midday specials, this has become a favorite lunch time spot for the staff at Bush Auto Place. Just be sure to come in and say hello when you’re done eating—and maybe bring us some enchiladas too.

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