Chevrolet Spreads Goodness with #DayItForward Campaign


This year is a leap year, you probably noticed the extra day in February just a few days ago. Because of this bonus day that we get this year, Chevrolet started a #DayItForward campaign to help us all spread a little goodness wherever we are.

Chevrolet teamed up with celebrities and other organizations to do some good across the country. This ranged from award-winning actor Kevin Spacey helping an aspiring artists accomplish his dreams, cancer-surviving baseball player Daniel Norris spending the day with a sick fan, Chevy building 3D models of a second grade classroom’s “dream machines,” and Chevy helping a young superhero feed the homeless in Detroit.

“Chevrolet continues to leverage the power of Twitter to start and amplify live conversations and connections,” said Rob Pietsch, director, Twitter Autos, in a statement. “#DayItForward is another great example of Chevrolet creating momentum on Twitter that will turn into a movement across the world. We are honored to partner with Chevrolet on #DayItForward to spread kindness, one Tweet at a time.”

Visit Chevrolet’s YouTube channel to see videos of all the #DayItForward efforts.

Even though Leap Day may be gone, you still have a bonus 24 hours that you can use the rest of the year. Can you think of anyone in your life that is in need? What are you planning to do to #DayItForward? Tell Bush Auto Place in Wilmington, OH your story and community involvement.

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