Essential Tools for Your Garage

essential tools for your garage
Only A Mechanics Hands Look Like This

If you like to fix up your car yourself—or want to learn how—it’s important to make sure you have everything you might need and more. There are a variety of tools out there, so what exactly do you need in your garage? Here is a list of the essential tools for your garage if you plan on fixing up your vehicle.

Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kit. First things first, if you are going to be working in your garage, you need to be safe. Simply having a fire extinguisher and first aid kit can go a long way to prevent catastrophe.

Air Compressor. An air compressor is great, especially if you have a fleet of vehicles. Tire maintenance is extremely important.

Jack Stands. Most people settle for jacking up one corner of their vehicle to work on it but having jack stands lets you get under your car comfortably and safely.

Creeper. If you don’t know what creepers are, they look like big padded skateboards and you use them to roll under vehicles. These are especially handing if you plan on doing a lot of underbody work.

Bench Vise. There are a lot of times when you need to bend something, or glue something together or anything else that requires an object to be absolutely positioned. A vise is going to do that for you.

The person that said a workman never blames his tools probably already had a really well-equipped garage. Pick up these essential tools for your garage and you should be well on your way to handling some serious DIY projects. If you need a little help, Bush Auto Place’s Vehicle Service Center can go over it step-by-step with you.

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