Our Favorite Driving Apps Everyone Should Have

Favorite Driving App

There are more smartphone apps available now than ever before, including apps that are immensely helpful for drivers of all sorts. Here are our favorite driving apps, from your team at Bush Auto Place, that are sure to enhance your drive. Just remember to keep your eyes on the road when driving and only use hands-free controls for your smartphone behind the wheel.



This great navigation app combines GPS technology with the crowd-sourcing element of social media to keep you updated on driving conditions in real time. This free app is a great option for directions, and you’ll also stay on top of traffic accidents and other inconveniences like construction or road closures so you can avoid them.



While dash cams are capable of recording your most scenic drives with increasingly high-fidelity, they can be relatively expensive. The Carcorder app, on the other hand, costs just $1.99 and turns your smartphone into a dash cam capable of recording your drives. All you need is a dash mount for your phone and you’re ready to go!



Expensive gas can add up over the course of a year and significantly increase the cost of operating your vehicle. The GasBuddy app lets you find the cheapest gas near you, whether you’re just down the road or driving cross-country so you can always count on getting the best deal possible.


Technology on modern-day vehicles helps you integrate your smartphone into your driving experience. Stop by Bush Auto Place to browse our high-tech inventory and find a vehicle that’s right for you.

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