Is the Car CD Player Dead?

car cd player
Touchscreens & Phone Connectivity May Be the Future

Is the car CD player dead? It looks like it. Remember when you used to drive to your local record store, bought a new album and then struggled with the plastic wrap so you could immediately hear it in the car? Those days are numbered as the popularity of music streaming apps continues to grow.

The advantages of music streaming apps, at least when it comes to rocking out in the car, are numerous. First and foremost, there’s the storage factor. CDs take up space—a lot of space. To stream millions of song, all you need is your smartphone.

Replacing a CD while in transit could be a challenging and dangerous enterprise. Granted, changing artists or tracks on your smartphone can be distracting too but like Chevrolet and their MyLink system, most automakers make it easy for people to sync their smartphones with their infotainment systems. Then it’s only a matter of using a touchscreen or steering wheel controls.

Then there’s the real estate issue, as Ward’s Auto points out. Car CD players take up a lot of precious space in the center console, space that could be better utilized with more current technology. Wouldn’t you rather have a bigger touchscreen display?

It looks like the CD player is indeed dying. But who knows how long they will hold out? The good news is that soon you’ll never have to deal with the scratched disc phenomenon! Whether you like car CD players or not, we have both options for you at Bush Auto Place in Wilmington, OH; near Dayton and Xenia.

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