New Chevy Lineup to Add Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

new Chevy lineup
Chevy Comes Complete with Apple CarPlay

The new Chevy lineup coming to our dealership this summer is set to be equipped with either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay! The new technologies will allow driver and passengers to be seamlessly connected to their car through their smartphones.

New customers won’t have to worry about whether their cell phone is compatible with the car’s technology any longer since both options are available.

Alicia Boler-Davis, GM’s Senior Vice President for Global Connected Car Consumer Experience, said, “It’s about providing choice. No two customers are alike, and we cannot expect a single solution that works for every driver in every situation.”

With customer-car-connection becoming more and more popular, Chevy is staying ahead of the game offering two options that will suit more people. According to the research firm SBD smartphone-integrated content is only available in 36 percent of current vehicles, so GM and Chevrolet are demonstrating their commitment to improving the overall customer experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about the smartphone technology of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and what they can do for you, please visit us at Bush Auto Place.

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