Next-Generation GMC Acadia Gets Smaller, Sportier Look

Next-Generation GMC Acadia
Take A Good Look At The 2017 Acadia

The first-generation GMC Acadia was a full-size crossover with the bold, rugged look that has come to be part of GMC’s signature styling. Now, however, in the pursuit of targeting a different niche in the company’s lineup, the 2017 Acadia has been downsized. The next-generation GMC Acadia was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in January, and the crossover fits cleanly into the midsize segment and has a sportier, streamlined appearance.

According to General Motors, the changes to the Acadia were made in order to give the crossover a more car-like look and feel, with more responsive, smooth handling and better fuel economy. Though the 2017 Acadia will retain some confident styling cues from the previous model, the vehicle will have a lower, more windswept profile and a wide-set stance. The new Acadia will implement brand-new start-stop technology from GM that is said to improve fuel economy by automatically stopping the engine at full stops.

After ten years of the first generation, the next-generation GMC Acadia is highly anticipated in the market, especially with the reveal of the smaller and sportier midsize crossover’s new technology features and better fuel economy. GMC is optimistic that Acadia will continue to be successful in the increasingly competitive crossover market. To take a look at the current GMC Acadia, visit Bush Auto Place in Dayton, OH today!

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