The Best Things About Being a Cincinnati Reds Fan


Cincinnati Reds fan
Root, Root, Root For The Reds!

Reds fans have a lot of reason to celebrate these days—like the team’s recent victory over the Colorado Rockies, winning their first road series of the season. But even when the team isn’t winning, there are multiple reasons to love being a Cincinnati Reds fan.

Awesome Opening Days. Opening Day is especially special to Cincinnati residents, since our team is the only one in the league guaranteed to start the season at home every year. The entire city shuts down on Opening Day for the parade and festivities.

Interaction with the players. The players love Twitter, which means fans get to interact with them a lot and hear their thoughts on everything from baseball to mustaches.

Newly opened digs at the ballpark. The Great American Ball Park is a great park to attend a baseball game at, but now it’s even better. It recently opened a new bar a few years ago. Seriously, if you haven’t gone to a Reds game since 2011, grab some tickets—you’re gonna have a better time than you did last time.

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