Top Tips to Beat Cabin Fever This Winter

beat cabin fever

January is here, and that means we’re in the depths of winter. Inevitably, we all get sick of staying inside to avoid the bitter cold. Here are a few ways to stay entertained and beat cabin fever.


Do some redecorating

If you’re going crazy because of the space you’re trapped in, why not change your scenery without leaving the house? Rearrange furniture, buy new decorations, or paint a room. Find new inspiration in a small space.


Read a book

Turn off the TV, take some quiet time, and crack open a book. You’ll be able to explore an entirely new world between the front and back cover.


Play board games or put together puzzles

This one’s a bit old-school: turn an evening into a weekly family fun night. Set aside one day a week to bust out the old board games or put together a puzzle as a family.


Plan your summer vacation

Daydreaming about warmer weather makes the icy, cold days go by faster. Take the time to plan out a new vacation destination and your itinerary.



Take your mind off your boredom by helping other people live better lives. It’ll give you some perspective and you’ll feel like you’re doing something positive.


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